Monday, June 15, 2009

Joining the club

Better yet, Science Scouts. I figured I earned some badges through the years, so here are the ones I'm proud of:

The “talking science” badge was easy to get. I probably deserve a level 2 for marrying a scientist and talking science at meals & at bedtime... but then with kids and all I might be getting a little rusty.

As my PhD training was in Plant Molecular Biology, I can definitely say that the “plant kingdom rules!”.

Plant biology certainly has perks that most scientists don't appreciate. The “I’ve eaten what I study” badge comes from some very tasty green tomatoes.

But just because you can eat your model system doesn't mean your science will actually improve it. I've earned the “I’ve done science with no conceivable practical application” badge. Lots of fun, but very hard to sell to funding agencies... they don't quite buy the maybe.

I got the “I’m pretty confident around an open flame” badge recently, after setting the flow hood on fire twice and flaming my gloves once.

I fully deserve my “cloner” badge. And for my name on some high impact publications, I might even clone YFG for you...

Then, here are the ones I might have been better off without:

I got the “broken heart for science” badge for not being able to finish my PhD in under a year and move to Paris... I'm definitely better off without him.

The “what I do for science dictates my having to wash my hands before I use the toilet” badge. But that should be the least of my worries...

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  1. These are great! I may have to put some on my blog, too! :) I found you through Scientiae, btw...