Friday, June 8, 2012

Thoughts on reading

Ever since I started writing, I have been reading less. My spare time is limited, so I need to choose between the hobbies I enjoy. I scrapbook less too, and movie watching is a rare event. When I ask myself what I would rather do, most often the answer is write.

I used to read books just for the pleasure of being immersed in a story, but nowadays it takes more from a book to retain my interest. If the writing doesn't grab me, I put the book down and pick a different activity. I do not find myself waiting for things to get better. I have been using the Kindle sample feature a lot -- reading the first pages before buying the book. There seems to be no point in purchasing a book if the story does not hold my interest to the end of the sample.

Not only do I read less, but I noticed I read differently nowadays. I am looking at form, not just inhaling content. I pay attention to word choices and descriptions that I used to just skim over. I ask myself what makes me keep reading or why I feel like putting the book down. There is much more to a book than just the story it tells. How the tale is told makes all the difference.

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  1. Hi Patchi, this is my first visit on your blog. I understand your predicament. It is the same for me. Work, family, house chores, dog to walk. Whatever free time I have left after all that (usually late in the evening), I choose to read or to write. Can't do both, unfortunately!

    As for reading, sometimes I choose to 'speed-read' (that's when I have little time), to read slowly (better digestion!) or read like a writer (I enjoy analyzing how the author has decided to tell his/her story!)